Monday, September 26, 2016


"I can’t quite shake the astonishment. I can’t quite believe what my life keeps teaching me, that material existence is a thin veil thrown over a foundation of miracles so numerous and profound we almost invariably overlook them."

Martha Beck

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Monday, September 5, 2016

A drop of your love

"Just because a drop of your love had blended in
I drank down the entire bitterness of life."

The original, in Punjabi:

Rall gai si es vich ik boond tere ishq di
Esse layi main zindagi di saari kudattan pee layi

Amrita Pritam


Friday, September 2, 2016


Storm on Galilee

What's instructive is not
That he laid down the sea
But that he seemed so unharassed
By the possibility of complete
And utter catastrophe. Yes
It could all fall apart, he seemed to say;
Yes, the storm could turn your little ship
Into a sudden coffin- yes. Faith, he told us then,
Is not trusting things will one day be better.

Faith is trusting things could never be better. No matter what.

Teddy Macker, 'This World'

Thanks, K.

Falling, Flying

The Mosquito Among the Raindrops

The mosquito among the raindrops...
It's equivalent to getting hit, says the scientist,
By a falling school bus. And hit every twenty seconds.

And the mosquito lives.

In fact, she doesn't even try to avoid the drops.
No zigzagging, no ducking. No hiding under eaves.

How does she do it?
No resistance to force.

She hitches a ride on the blow,
A stowaway on that which brings her down.

She becomes 'one with the drop,'
Knowing that to fly again
She must fall.

Teddy Macker, 'This World'

Thanks, K.

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