Monday, March 14, 2011

Advice to Women

Keep cats
if you want to learn to cope with
the otherness of lovers
Otherness is not always neglect -
Cats return to their litter trays
when they need to.
Don't cuss out of the window
at their enemies.
That stare of perpetual surprise
in those great green eyes
will teach you
to die alone.

Eunice de Souza


Madeeha said...

Oh Asha.... You have filled my days with so many poignant smiles and moments of belonging for such a long time. An urge wells in me to meet you in all your (What I hope is) I can take heart that I have it in me, and all around me - the empathy, the understanding that your posts bring me from a mechanized, deeply impersonal medium called the internet! To imagine you as very ordinary colors the gray corners of my world with possibilities... gives wings to my little dreams.

This blog is one more of the things in my life that I owe to Rukhiya - the charmer, the weaver of magic!


Rukhiya said...

A friend in need.

Asha said...

Thanks, Madeeha :) Glad to know that you read, and like this blog. You must be one of the three people who read it :) This kind of stuff is not exactly popular, on the contrary. I started it just to store all my reading, am losing it all, with my increasingly porous memory.

Indeed, I am very ordinary, my deep-seated empathy not something that is of much value anymore, struggling to keep the remnants of it alive.

Thanks once again.

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