Sunday, November 13, 2011

Talk to me

Listening to a conversation between people in Tech Support in a US office, you learn that during Christmas time they get a lot of calls from people, who don't really have any technical problem to report, but just want to talk, because they are so terribly lonely. And the other one adds, Oh I get calls like that even on ordinary days, but it's more around Christmas.

Such loneliness that you would call Tech Support, just to hear someone speak to you nicely for a few short minutes?

You remember this scene from a German movie, a lonely man who calls random numbers from the telephone directory every day, hoping that at least one person will not bang the phone down after "Sorry, wrong number", but will stay on to have a conversation with him.

7 billion people. And not one person to talk to.

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Aman said...

Breaks my heart ...

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