Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Free Will

"For the human journey is ultimately about forgetting in order to remember again, this time voluntarily relinquishing that burden called free will. Free will is the defining characteristic of human incarnation. Free will is that which one eventually begins to experience as a self-inflicted limitation at the very root of much human suffering.

Free will is the belief that we, as mortal individuals, are the designers of our destiny. Free will is the belief that, under ideal circumstances, we can, may and will do exactly as we please. In this view, nature becomes our servant, our resource to transform as we desire. And so off we go, armed with the conviction that we alone are responsible for the way in which our life unfolds."

Page 106, Faith. From 'Interleaves, Ruminations on Illness and Spiritual Life' by Lata Mani

An amazing woman, historian, poet, and researcher, whose wisdom comes across with lucidity that blows you away. Still recovering from a closed-head-injury following a horrific accident in California 8 years ago, she has learned to accept her situation and therefore learned to be open to the gifts it brings. A friend who met her recently lent me two of her books, and I am still reeling under them.

A great introduction to her: http://hindu.com/2001/06/24/stories/1324017d.htm

Her books are available on http://www.flipkart.com/ and http://www.amazon.com/.

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