Saturday, April 7, 2012


These people who have never been pampered as children, are so childish, I tell you. Like me.

Walking around office with shoelaces undone on one shoe - you never mastered shoelaces, and you don't understand why only the right shoe's laces come out all the time, and you are just too worn out today, you don't care.

Someone says, hey your shoelaces have come out. You stretch your foot to her - "You do it for me". She does.

And then you show your other foot. "But that's not come undone?" You bend down and pull it out. "Now it is."

She says it is all wrongly criss-crossed. You sit down on the floor, and say "Let's pull it all out and start from the beginning....."

Oct 2006

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Rukhiya said...

Lol! This should go out to all the people who taught me how to put in the lace, 'correctly'. Maybe they'll stop grunting at my disability. :P

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