Tuesday, February 9, 2010


"...The only time he remembered his father happy during this time was in the spring when for three days they drove the cattle up to the summer pastures. His mother, Frank, and Rosie came too and the five of them would ride all day and sleep out under the stars.

"If only you could make now last forever," Frank said on one of those nights while they lay on their backs watching a huge half-moon roar up out of the dark shoulders of the mountain. Frank was eleven and not by nature a philosopher. They had all lain still, thinking about this for a while. Somewhere, a long way off, a coyote called.

"I guess that 's all forever is." his father replied. "Just one long trail of nows. And I guess all you can do is try and live one now at a time without getting too worked up about the last now or the next now."

It seemed to Tom as good a recipe for life as he'd yet heard."

'The Horse Whisperer'
Nicholas Evans

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