Saturday, January 15, 2011

Aur woh hasthé hué kaha....

Tum us ped ké tharah ho
Kitaab mein chapi
Badalté mausam sé békhabar....

.....You’re like a tree
That’s printed in a book
It cannot feel the changing seasons...

From “Bhasha ki Raat”

* * * * * * * *

......Aur woh hasthé hué kaha
Sach kahoon Babuji
Mere nigah mein
Na koyi chhota hai
Na koyi bada hai
Har aadmi ek jodi jootha hai
Jo méré samné maramath ke liyé khada hai...

.....And laughing, he said,
To tell you the truth, sir,
In my eyes
There’s no one who is small
And no one who is great
To me every man is a pair of shoes
Who stands before me for repairs......

From “Mochiram” (The Cobbler)
Sudama Pandé (Dhoomil)

(Dhoomil is his pen name, which he coined from “Dhool mé mila hua aadmi”

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