Sunday, January 20, 2013


Ingemar is a 12 year old boy who has his own means of coping with all the injustices that life heaps upon him:

"It's not bad if you think about it. It could've been worse.
Just think how that poor guy ended up who got a new kidney in Boston. He got his name in all the papers, but he died just the same.

And what about Laika, the Space Dog?
They put her in a Sputnik and sent her into space. They attached wires to her heart and brain to see how she felt. I don't think she delt so good.

She spun around up there for five months till her doggie bag was empty. She starved to death.

It's important to have things like that to compare with."

from the Swedish film " My life as a dog" by Lasse Halstorm

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