Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Something solid to end the fall

"When I was sixteen, our neighbour, Mrs.Bronfman, threw herself out the window of her tenth-story apartment. Hannah and I heard her body hit the sidewalk. But, since we didn't know that the sound - almost like a gun going off - was Mrs. Bronfman's life ending, we continued to argue about which one of us was going to get stuck scrubbing the huge cast-iron pot grandpa had used to make chicken paprikash.

...I think about Mrs. Bronfman a lot lately. I think I can safely say she didn't give a shit where she was buried or whether anyone came over with casseroles or Bundt cakes. I think she probably just wanted something to push against. Something solid to end the fall."

Page 102, 'Too bright to hear, Too loud to see', Juliann Garey

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