Friday, May 15, 2009

Mathias Duplessy

Heard this most astounding French musician - Mathias Duplessy.

He played the guitar and a Mongolian instrument (morin khuur) at the Alliance last week, performed throat singing which he learned in Mongolia - all 3 styles, sang French song from the medeival ages, peppy Spanish songs, African songs - it was magical watching the range of sounds he produced with the guitar. Among other things, he also played percussion on it, and his fingers were so fast his hand was all a blur.

So much energy, so much depth and understanding in his appreciation of other cultures. Like he said - "There is a story behind every face, I try to find that". He stayed back and interacted with the audience, that was very interesting.

His site -

Kakgda is my favorite song from the Mathias Duplessy Trio CD.
You can google and get some of his music on you tube and also on my space. But nothing comes close to the live performance. If he ever performs in your city, don't miss him.

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