Friday, June 24, 2011

The Ugly Indian shows us the way!

Disgusted with the garbage dumps and the litter on our streets? Want to see how a group of people are changing people's behaviour to stop this ugliness?

Check this out -  - These guys have managed to clean up garbage dumps on Church Street (Bangalore) - involving BBMP garbage staff, the private housekeepers and kabaadiwalas, the shopkeepers, and random passersby.

"By transforming Church Street, The Ugly Indian has showed us that such a thing is possible in our country. They see hope. Do you? Would you like to make a change in your surroundings? Then write to them You can also connect with them at their Facebook page.

"This is a story of successful experiments by a few Ugly Indians in an Indian city.
To see whether THE UGLY INDIAN can change.

This is an attempt to understand why 'we are like that only' and to find smart ways of changing our behaviour."
The War on Litter:

Please spread the word, participate, share your ideas with them, be a part of a mass movement - thank you!

I mailed them - click here to see what happened next.

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