Sunday, February 12, 2012

Apatheia, holy stillness

"From Remigiusz Sowa best Documentary Transmitter Award winner at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival; a truly remarkable story of Father Lazarus El Anthony, university lecturer, Marxist who abandoned his life in Australia and went in search of God and freedom. His pilgrimage eventually brought him to a life of a Christian Coptic monk and live in solitude on the Al-Qalzam Mountain (Egypt) in the pursuit of what the Desert Fathers called apatheia, holy stillness."

The Last Anchorite Part 1 (8.55 minutes):

The Last Anchorite Part 2 (10.01 minutes):

Anachōreō: To withdraw:

Photo from Google Images


Aman said...

The still is fine, good, to be desired but not the slightly overt religious framework :)

Aman said...

The stillness is fine, good, something to be reached but not the slightly overt religious framework :)

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