Sunday, May 13, 2012

Let’s walk in the woods tomorrow...

Such beautiful imagery, such utter simplicity, so much joy. After all the poetry you've read across the years, this still takes your breath away.

"....maybe Rembrandt and da Vinci’s jeweled colours
were real – not just painted,
the way life looks through crystals of tenderness….

you smiled at me tonight
at the bottom of the stairs
with so much love in your eyes

all you said was…
“let’s walk in the woods tomorrow
at sunrise
just you and me… alone
before the world’s awake

I’ll show you
how to make a deer come near
by remaining very, very still
projecting kindness.”

…and all I said was…
“I’ll set the alarm for five”

but we were stained glass
ruby red and cobalt blue
and the choir was singing…"


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