Thursday, May 3, 2012

Raag Kaushi Kanada

I love Hindustani classical music solely because of Ustad Hameed Khan, our dear friend in Dharwar, the most gentle person I know, and the only person I know who can make gentleness heard through a sitar, so perfectly. Because whenever he does his riyaaz in our guest room, I walk around the house in tears, because I cannot contain any more joy...........

I've never heard Vasant Rai before. A friend sent this to me. I know nothing about raags, but I know this piece is beautiful beyond expression. I suspect you will too. As I keep saying, you don't always have to understand. Poetry, or music, or people. There is still a giving. To open up and receive is a choice we make.

The most beautiful evocation of Raag Kaushi Kanada

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