Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fulfilment, Fun, Therapy: The Ugly Indian Way

"Today, I feel a sense of fulfillment that I haven’t experienced in a long time" - said one of our volunteers. Scenes from our Cleaning-up-Bangalore spot fixing effort with the Ugly Indians.

If someone tells you that cleaning up muck and dirt and painting walls with your friends is both fun and therapeutic, believe them. None of us have felt this great in a very long time. Amazing what team-work can do, and how good it feels.

My friend A and her 1.5 year-old son were the stars of the show - I hope she is an inspiration to mothers who keep their kids away from so much experience "because they are too young". That kid is one of the most peaceful, friendly, accommodating children I have ever seen - she takes him everywhere. He's got a solid grounding in social responsibility.

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Mail them at if you want to volunteer for a similar activity with your friends or family. Click on The Ugly Indian label below this post to know more  about them.

And please do spread the word - thank you!

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