Monday, September 26, 2011


You know, those pictures of the old temples at Angkor Wat you see all the time – the ones where the gigantic trees hold the stone faces of the gods and kings in their vice-like grip? That is the forest reclaiming Angkor. They know that if these trees are not removed, gradually the entire stone structure will be reduced to dust. But if they try to remove the roots, those roots that have gone so deep into the heads of those stone faces - the heads will break into a million pieces. It has become that the roots are what holds the heads together now.

Removing a significant person, or a belief, from your life, is like that. The roots have gone so deep into you that you will break when you try to pull them out from your head.

But then you have to. You have to break. And then reconstruct. Grow a new person out of the ruins of the old.

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Adee said...

and this is life, this slow decay and regeneration happening at the same time over and over again...

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