Sunday, September 11, 2011

Two hands and a face bowed near...

Came across two old notebooks of excerpts and quotes, started in 1984 and 1986 respectively, while searching for some old photos. Re-discovering the authors who stood by me through hard times, who were my only friends during the dark period that was growing-up.

From 'Three Comrades', Erich Maria Remarque

"You are well off, you are alone", Herse had said. All very well. The man who is alone cannot be forsaken. But sometimes at night, the whole artificial structure collapses, life turns into a sobbing insistent melody out of the senseless grinding of the everlasting barrel organ, rises up a whirlwind of wild desires, cravings, melancholy, hope without direction, seeking an object.

Ah, this pitiful need for a little bit of warmth - couldn't it be two hands then and a face bowed near? Or was that too only deception, surrender and flight? Was there nothing but to be alone?

I shut the window. No there was nothing. For anything more, there was too little solid ground under one's feet."

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